Zumbro Valley Canoe Rental

Trip Information

Day Trips

Zumbro Falls to Hammond
    7 miles (3 hours)
    $40 per canoe
    $25 per kayak
    $15 per tube

Power Dam to Zumbro Falls
    14 miles (4-5 hours)
    $50 per canoe
    $30 per kayak

Power Dam to Hammond
    21 miles
    $60 per canoe

** Shuttles available upon request to Power Dam.

Overnight Trips

Zumbro Falls to Theilman
    22 miles

Zumbro Falls to Kruger
    32 miles

Zumbro Falls to Kellogg
    38 miles

- Costs based on time and destination
- Additional 2-3 day camping trips available upon request
- Deposit Required on overnight trips
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